About me

        |=---=[ Specification

            Name: Carsten Kolassa
          Handle: Roman
             AKA: Roman The Emperor, R.T.E
   Handle origin: it's a funny story
Age of your body: 30
     Produced in: Germany
          Height: 190cm
       Computers: Many. But I collect old computers.
        Projects: Mostly school related things and the
                  programs in the download section.

       |=---=[ Favorite things

            Cars: German of course and Itallian cars
           Foods: Italian, Asian
           Music: trance/techno, rock, classical
          Movies: Matrix, Lord of the Rings (but
                  the book is better), Star Trek
          I like: Achiving my goals, honesty, integrity

          |=---=[ Life in 3 sentences
          No fear. Never give up. Never surrender.

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